Deletion Policy

OK to delete

We are currently allowing page deletion due to the large number of duplicates. We ask that you only delete if:

  • the listing is a duplicate
  • the business listing itself is spam
  • the business has changed cities
  • the listing is not a public business or does not have a physical location or service.
  • you are deleting a copyrighted image (do not delete entire business, click on image, and delete the image only.)

How to delete

You must be a member to delete a listing. Registering is free and easy. Once you are signed in, go to the listing you wish to delete, and click the Tools button in the side bar on the right of the page. There will be a delete option, which you can click and then follow the instructions. Be sure to leave a valid reason when prompted, or your delete may be restored by an admin.

Vandalized or Bad Edits

If a page is vandalized or changed, you can revert or undo bad edits using the history button on the right toolbar and clicking undo. Click the Watch button in the toolbar to monitor a page for future edits. If the page is being continuously vandalized, let us know on the Community Talk page, and we will protect the page from any future edits.

Business Closed

Please mark the business as closed using the "Edit" page.

Bad Reviews

No one likes bad reviews, but it's simply a part of doing business these days. If you believe your listing is being unfairly attacked, please let us know on the Community Talk page. We will investigate reviews, and delete what we find to be invalid.

Copyright or Trademark Violations


Please delete copyrighted images by clicking on the image while logged in, and selecting delete, or let us know on the Community Talk page, and we'll delete them ourselves.


No level of Trademark protects your business' name from being used, or badly reviewed, in a directory. Any situation where a page or article is referencing your trademarked name, or in cases where a name is not unique enough, it is considered nominative fair use or granted under the fair use doctrine. Trademarks are to protect businesses and their products from being impersonated by other companies using their name with similar services or products. So unless you were named Wikiocity first, and you had a directory listing website up before us, we probably aren't violating your trademark.

In the rare case that a listing does violate a trademark, let us know on the Community Talk page, and we'll be happy to fix it.