Wikiocity is a freely editable location information directory written by the public. Through group effort, we aim to create a place where everyone can share information about every place, business, and geographical feature on earth. We think Wikipedia is a fantastic resource for a lot of locations, but being an encyclopedia, opinionated reviews and commercial information do not belong there. We aim to fill in this gap, and welcome all business information and reviews.

The Engine

Wikiocity is powered by the MediaWiki open source software created by the Wikimedia Foundation. It is available for free under the GNU General Public License. All extensions and modification to this engine can be found in the MediaWiki extensions directory.

A large part of the site is made possible by the Semantic MediaWiki family of extensions. These incredible additions enable the ability of everything from search, to maps, to the overall organization and functioning of the site.

The Data

Data is provided by Neustar® Localeze®, in combination with public sources, and user submitted information.

The Look

The Skin

Wikiocity is a heavily modified version of the fantastic GoMediaWiki skin. The design emphasis of the site, is to make it as simple as possible to use. With a friendly interface, we hope to make the wiki concept more approachable to the average user.

Static Maps

Credit for static map images are attributed to © OpenStreetMap contributors. OpenStreetMap data is available under the Open Database License, and the cartography is licensed as CC BY-SA. For more information on its use, visit the OSM Copyright Page.

The People

Wikiocity is developed in association with the Everything Bytes partnership. You can contact us at