Editing Guidlines for Wikiocity

Changing the design of specific locations and businesses are encouraged, but we ask that main and sub category pages be left to their default templates. If you would like to make a change to a category page, please email us at with the request.

Moving outside of the standard location template will require the code and stucture listed in the sections below. Pages found to be missing this code will be locked, their authors banned, and all changes made by the author reverted.

The below code is not exhaustive of the code used in the standard template. We recommend you take a look at the template used here Template:InformationID to see the standard use, as well as other features not included below.

Page Names

It's probably best to create the initial page using the standard way of entering the location into the Subcategory page. This will create a page with a unique ID and the proper page structure of State/City/SubCategory/Location/ID.


Make sure to copy the code below exactly. Pages violating this requirement are searched for regularly.

Star Display

The code below is responsible for displaying the star image, and saving the location's rating and votes.

[[Rating::[[File:{{#ifeq: {{#w4grb_rawrating:}} | -- | 0NotRatedStar.png |
{{#ifexpr:{{#w4grb_rawrating:}}<=10 | HalfStarRating.png |
{{#ifexpr:{{#w4grb_rawrating:}}<=20 | 1StarRating.png |
{{#ifexpr:{{#w4grb_rawrating:}}<=30 | 1andHalfStarRating.png |
{{#ifexpr:{{#w4grb_rawrating:}}<=40 | 2StarRating.png |
{{#ifexpr:{{#w4grb_rawrating:}}<=50 | 2andHalfStarRating.png |
{{#ifexpr:{{#w4grb_rawrating:}}<=60 | 3StarRating.png |
{{#ifexpr:{{#w4grb_rawrating:}}<=70 | 3andHalfStarRating.png |
{{#ifexpr:{{#w4grb_rawrating:}}<=75 | 4StarRating.png |
{{#ifexpr:{{#w4grb_rawrating:}}<=90 | 4andHalfStarRating.png |
{{#ifexpr:{{#w4grb_rawrating:}}<=100 | 5StarRating.png |
}}|}}|}}|}}|}}|}}|}}|}}|}}|}}}}]]|link={{PAGENAME}}#Reviews]] ([[Votes::{{#w4grb_rawrating:|n}}]] Votes)

Voting and Review widgets

The code below shows the voting and review widgets on the page


Required Semantic Code

The code below saves the required fields for search and display. You may put the fields at any place on the page. Information about Semantic Mediawiki code can be found at Semantic Mediawiki

Information Fields

Fields below will save the semantic infomation for the location. Values with the triple
would require the use of a template. Most likely you will remove them, and just use
[[Street::123 Fake St]]
{{#set:Address={{{Street}}}, {{{City}}}, {{{StateAbr}}} {{{Zipcode}}}}}
{{#set:Location={{#titleparts: {{FULLPAGENAME}} |-1|-2}}}}
{{#set:SearchArea={{lc:{{{City}}}, {{{State}}} {{{Zipcode}}}; {{{City}}}, {{{StateAbr}}} {{{Zipcode}}}}}}}
{{#set:SearchLocation={{lc:{{#titleparts: {{FULLPAGENAME}} |-1|-2}}; {{#titleparts: {{FULLPAGENAME}} | -2 | 3 }}; {{{MainCategoryType}}}}}}}

Required Mediawiki code

The below code is required for correct display and organization. You can insert it at the bottom of your page.

{{DISPLAYTITLE:{{#titleparts: {{FULLPAGENAME}} | -1 | -2 }}}}
[[Category:{{#titleparts: {{FULLPAGENAME}} | -3 | 2 }}, {{#titleparts: {{FULLPAGENAME}} | 1 }} {{#titleparts: {{FULLPAGENAME}} | -2 | 3 }}]]

Standard MediaWiki Code lookup

This is a quick reference for those new to mediawiki.

Creating links


An internal link will always start with two "[" and end with two "]". The link should begin with the appropriate folder structure such as "State/City Name/Category/" followed by the name of the location you want to link to. following the link path with a "|" will allow you to change the links text.

[[State/City Name/Category/Place | Place Name]]


An external link will always start with a "[" and end with a "]". The link should contain the full address "". following the link path with a space will change the links text to whatever follows it.

[ Descriptive Name]


Categories help organize and group information on Wiki Where is. To add an article to a category, you just need to create a category link on that article. When using the "Add a location" button, most category links are added for you. To add one yourself, start with "Category:" in the link, followed by the category name.

[[Category:Example Category]]

Adding Pictures or PDFs

You must create an account before you can upload files to the site. Once you have created a new account and logged in, you will see a link to "Upload File" on the right side Toolbox bar. Choose the file, and note the file name. Try to keep file names unique, and don't overwrite a file unless the old one is outdated or incorrect. Once uploaded, you can add the file to an article by clicking the "embedded file" picture icon in the editor toolbar. This will insert a file link into the article text. Change the "example.jpg" in the link to the file name you uploaded earlier.