Add a Location

  • Try using the search button in the top right of the side bar before creating a new page

Editing and Deleting

You can edit all pages with an "Edit" button at the top right of the page. Every business and category page is open to edit, and logged-in users have the ability to delete pages as well through the delete button in the right toolbar. Signing up is free, and no email required!

Add a Business or Place

If you can't find a business or place through Search, new locations can be added from the Add Location Page or any Subcategory's page.

Option One:

You can add a location from the Add Location Page. Select your location and categories from the drop down, and then enter the business name. We'll do a search for the business to make sure it doesn't exist. We may also ask you to do a few clicks to create some category pages. Once you've moved onto the last step, simply click Add Location and you can then add information and save your new business to Wikiocity!

Option Two:

Alternatively you can add a new business through any subcategory page. First start by searching for a City, or browsing by state, then choose the appropriate main category, followed by the most relevant subcategory. You can add categories if they are missing. You can find the add location box on the subcategory's page. All fields will be filled out for you, just double check the choices and enter the business name at the bottom.

Add a City

Can't find a city through the City Search or by Browsing? Leave a message on the Community Talk page.
Some cities may be considered neighborhoods, and can be added to a business through editing the "Areas Served" box.

Add a Category or SubCategory

Main Categories

The add main category box can be found under the list of current categories at the bottom of every city's page.


The add SubCategory box can be found at the bottom of every Main Category page.

Start with a search for a City, or browse by state.